Wire, Clips & Screws

Ask about our specialty "no rust" clips and "no-rust" white polycoated screws.

Ranch Railing with Wire Mesh

  • 2x4 Welded  Wire (great for dogs)
  • 2x4 Woven  Wire (great for horses)
  • Tiered  wire (rabbit wire)
  • 3.5 feet high, tiers ascend from
  • 1' 1x4 spacing, to 4" 2x4, to 2' 2x4 at the top.)
  • (Wire in 50 foot increments if sold separately)

Gate With Wire Mesh

  • Increase your safety.
  • Keep animals in.
  • Keep animals out.
  • Keep trash out.
  • Strengthen your fence.
  • Comply with local building codes.

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