We Have Ceder DuraGrain Vinyl!

For those who “just want wood” but dread the yearly painting and constant maintenance, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Durawood has the look and feel of wood, with the low maintenance and lifetime warranty of vinyl from Fence World.

2 Rail, 3 Rail, and 4 Rail

Who is really going to maintain their wood fence? It’s a constant battle. Just drive around the neighborhood and count how many wood fences are in disrepair. You may have every intention to keep yours looking great, but year after year, that wood fence just looks worse.

The sprinklers have left water stains, the wind and natural settling have loose end boards and some are missing or broken. Your dog or horse has chewed on it. You have splinters in your hands from working on it.

Your neighbors start to complain and now… you’ve discovered Fence-World’s Dura Grain Ceder!

(Get it right, right from the start)

Now no neighbor needs to have the “ugly” railed side of that wood fence- yes, that is usually you, the one spending the money

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