Patio Roof Installation Apple Valley & Throughout the State of California 

We Customize Your Patio to Your Specifications!

As with all of our vinyl we use DuraMax vinyl which is designed and engineered specifically for the Southwest sun. Posts are set in concrete and the trusses do not need to attach to your home, but can run under your eaves, creating a "free-span" patio that may or may not require the extra expense of permits.If you already have a patio poured, we can core drill for the posts to preserve your investment and add to its appeal. Steel inserts in the framework assist in our guarantee to withstand high winds.  Slats can be flat, or at a 45* angle to maximize shade.
Slats can also run parallel or perpendicular to your home or building.

Patio Cover
Patio Cover Roof
Underside of Patio Cover
Covered Patio
Poolside Patio
Covered Patio Awning