Picket Fencing Can Be Designed However You Like.

Our pickets are not screwed or nailed on! The pickets fit snugly into the rails through a routered slot.  Unless you pull them out, you will not have pickets missing from wind or age. 

You can design your fence to be as short or low to the ground as you need, and as tall as code will allow. Design your fence to be scalloped (picture above), straight, or both.  Space your pickets as close together or far apart as you need.  We can set your fence on the ground, or on top of an existing wall.  Add your choice of decorative caps for your own unique appearance.

Picket Fence

This tract home stands out from the neighbors with its own curb appeal! You cant ignore the added privacy a gated entry creates. Keep the soliciters from your door & the
neighbors pets off your lawn!

Block Wall With Fence

This home had an unfinished block wall. What a difference this run of picket fence in white vinyl made! We have affordable solutions and creative ideas that will only
improve your curb appeal and value.