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Fence Installation in Orange County | Why Choose Fence-World.com

Fence-World.com provides patio sales and vinyl fence installation in Orange County, CA with the business practices & ethics of a locally owned and operated company.

Because our customers are our priority, we only use DuraMax vinyl. Fence-World.com is an exclusive distributor of DuraMax products.
DuraMax was founded in 1983 and is the only vinyl fence extruder in the southwest.

We choose to sell only DuraMax vinyl, as Fence-World.com prides itself on  superior service and superior quality.  Superior service is further achieved through our extruders  local production, consistent inventory, and availablity of all of our fencing materials. Superior quality is further achieved through our extruders DuraResin formulation  which is the best UV rated formulation in the industry. 
DuraResin vinyl is designed for the climates of the Southwest. DuraResin boasts over 12 parts of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and
highly perfected UV inhibitors and modifiers.  

Our vinyl is never mixed with regrind materials. We only use the highest quality virgin vinyl materials. 
This is how we can guarantee that our products are durable and  won't warp, crack, bow, or deteriorate.

We can assure you, our customer, that you are purchasing the highest quality vinyl designed to give you a permanent and durable solution for all your fencing needs.


  A Few More Reasons Why Fence-World.com Should Be Your Only Choice

  • Free Estimates.
  • Flexible Appointment Scheduling
    Including Weekends or Evenings.
  • Products are Made in the United States.
  • We Only Sell DuraMax Vinyl Fence.
  • Emergency Install or Repair Services Available
  • You Can Purchase Materials Only,
    Customized for You.  Or Hire Our Contractor to Install For You.
  • We Choose to Only Work with a Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Installer/Contractor.
  • Our Installers Prefer to Only Install Our Vinyl, Because They Do Not Want to go Back to Replace it!

Contact us to learn more about our pvc patio sales and installation of privacy fence in Orange County, CA, from the most trusted fencing contractor in the area.

We ship worldwide and offer fence installation services throughout the state of California.

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